Belgian architect-artist

Koen Deprez


Home for Three Men

Three architectural volumes – or boxes – are located close to an isolated runway. Here, three men are invited to organise their lives. Although they may dream of a collective life, the future tenants of Home for Three Men are forced to live as hermits since the architectural structures only allow human contact through odd apertures and sky lights.

The cabins are located in the former airport site of Brussels (BE), which means the residents are literally walled-up within a no- man's-land. The only way to enter and exit the site is by air – but the airspace is strictly controlled. This lightness – and the promise of an aerial view – nevertheless remains an unattainable dream for the hermit, who is destined to cultivate the ground in order to survive. Home for Three Men seems to confirm the leitmotiv in Deprez's oeuvre: humanity is fundamentally enslaved; free space is an unimaginable concept.

Collage, 38 x 83 x 3 cm

Collage, 38 x 83 x 3 cm