Belgian architect-artist

Koen Deprez


A short documentary about
The Conceivable House.

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The concept departs from a novel by Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans (1921-1995) entitled The God Conceivable, Conceivable the God. In this labyrinthine literary construction, fragmented texts are not bound by a logical narrative but by word play and allusions, which are scattered like strings throughout the book. Inspired by this narrative construction – a story without a predetermined destination – Deprez designed an interior using a similar strategy.

Directed & edited by Dieter Decostere
DOP: Jens Van Ysacker, Jochen Decostere
Artist: Koen Deprez
Shot on Sony F55 with prime lenses
Music credits: Nick Cave, Agnes Obel, Leonard Cohen, Het Zesde Metaal
Translation & subtitless: Spotless
Shots from Stanley Kubrick's " A Space Odessey 2001" - copyright Warner Bros